Blog Post #2

Hey guys!

So I was having dinner with my family at this place called Swiss Cottage (have you heard of it???). And I had a little flashback to this time a few year ago, in that exact same place…do you want to hear it? Well if you insist..

I’m nearly positive it was summer because even though we were having dinner, outside still held dancing rays of sunlight which shone on the lime green grass, swaying gently in  the summer breeze.

I was around twelve I think, my brother nine. As soon as we ordered our food he dragged me outside to play in the park area. He was still playful back then and adventurous, never able to sit still. Now he’s a slave…to his S6 edge. You’d be lucky if he talked to you once at dinner without you forcibly making him join in the conversation.

We climbed the slide (like all bad ass children did) and chased each other around the climbing frame. As the sky started to get dusky we explored the trees and bushes tucked away in he corner of the playspace.

I laughed while I climbed the trees and my bother pined below. I jumped onto the back wall and dropped down on the other side, not realising or caring that maybe I wouldn’t be able to find my way back up again.

As my brothers calls faded into the distance I realised I was in a private car park, cut off from my parents and my brother…from reality.

It was beautiful feeling of adventure and mischief. I hadn’t felt that feeling before.

I was always a good child, quiet and reserved. I made few friends but those I did make friends with I was loyal to. I got top grades in school and was silent unless spoken to, hardworking and co-operative in class.

Being totally out of reach made me experience freedom I had never felt before…but it didn’t last long.

My brother calls got louder and eventually I jumped and grabbed the wall to haul myself over and off we went, running back to the cottage where our parents were waiting.


So…what do you think? What’s your ideal version of the story? Do you have any childhood reflections to share? Please tell me in a comment below, I would love to hear from you ^.^

Much Love,




5 thoughts on “Blog Post #2

  1. Okay can I just say even though you’ve only posted two posts your blog is my new favourite thing! I love your style of writing – the way it flows, and the way you incorporate description into your stories. I love the feeling of freedom; sometimes, being alone is the best thing because you can just experience the world without anyone else to cloud it.


  2. Hey! Really like your blog so far. Being the procrastinating idiot I am, I just spent a good amount of time poring over your blog. Let’s just say it was worth it.


    1. Omg whyyyyyyy I’m so sorry for the state of it haha, especially as I haven’t updated in so long. But I’m glad you enjoyed what you read!

      Much Love,

      P.s why am I dying to do a vlog rn?


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