Hey guys,

So lately I’ve been thinking I should write a post but I’m not sure what on. I mean…my life isn’t particularly exciting or interesting. You guys don’t wanna hear my shopping list do you? Or what I fed the cat today or how many episodes of Arrow I watched? Or maybe how many hours of revision I’ve done…no? Didn’t think so.

Anyway, so I’m compiling a list of ideas but I don’t wanna post anything that you guys don’t wanna read. So, what do you guys wanna see? Study tips…eating habits…it’s really up to you, I could ramble about anything 😉

I might do a post on my eating habits which are pretty terrible at the moment to be honest. I’m trying to be my healthiest for my A-Level exams in June…but anyway yeah that’s a whole other rant, I’ll let you know.

How about hat programmes I recommend??? Arrow is fantastic, I have a huge marvel obsession at the moment.

My *cough* non-existent *cough* love-life? I’m not going to lie, that would be a very short post.

It’s pretty hard to think of ideas for blog post and congratulations to those who manage to post something every day! Maybe you have some?

Let me know by commenting below and hopefully I’ll do a post soon on whatever you guys chose.

Or…maybe just another rant, we’ll see 🙂

Much Love,



P.s My shopping list consists mostly of fruit, vegetables and vegan meat. The cat had some puree wet food and I watched approximately seven episodes of Arrow today..don’t judge me..

4 thoughts on “Ideas?

      1. You should give time to yourself once in a while, just exploring things that you like. Journaling is fun, you should try it. I just started journaling and it’s okay. Whatever mood i’m in, i write in my journal. Reading what i write makes things look bit more clearer for me.


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